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Customized self-propelled heavy load shipyard scrap die tran

Customized self-propelled heavy load shipyard scrap die transfer car

      The Perfect mold trolley car is different from a normal trolley car. 1. The standard of the ordinary trolley car handles, remote control, warning light, stop when meeting the person, the handle has cable cover protection, protects the wear of the handle line, and increases the safety and service life of the handle. 2. The mold transfer car has added new functions: (1) The handle and remote control can directly control the acceleration and deceleration of the mold transfer car. (2) For consider safety and energy saving, the mold truck has added a device that no operation for 5 minutes, the mold truck will automatically cut up power supply, if the cart needs to be operated again, the mold transfer car must be restarted. (3) If the battery's power down to 20%, there will be a warning light flashing and stop the car, which can protect the battery well, avoid battery power loss and reduce battery life. Mold trucks are generally suitable for use in workshops where the workshop is built but the rails are not yet laid. The use of mold trucks reduces the occupancy of the workshop space.

Customized self-propelled heavy load shipyard scrap die transfer car
     The self-propelled heavy load shipyard scrap die transfer car are powered by batteries, walking cables, guide rails, generators, etc. The series of mold transfer vehicles can run between two vertical tracks, or they can run on L-shaped or S-shaped or curved tracks, battery power can also run on cement. In addition, mold transfer cart is specifically designed to work with cranes to transfer conductors or materials from one plant to another. The mold transfer cart has the advantages of low body, low energy consumption, high load, flexibility, high efficiency, and easy operation. This die transfer car not only can transport all kinds of die, it is also can be widely applied in Metallurgy, Machinery Fabrication, Auto makers, Heavy Industrial, Light Industrial, Mold Maker, Construction Machinery maker, Shipyard, Port Cargo Yard Steel Transfer, Mining Transfer, Air and Space as well as Military industries and so on.

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